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Elliot/Olivia Shippers
9th-Dec-2009 10:35 pm
Hi Everyone. I am an addict of svufiction.com, and I was just wondering if anybody knew what happened to the site? It's had an error message up for days and days now. Just wondering if the site will be gone forever or if it will be back. Thanks so much.
10th-Dec-2009 05:08 pm (UTC)
The people over at svufans have a discussion thread about svufiction.com, and from that I gather that the domain recently expired but was renewed. However, domain/hosting issues aside, the fatal SQL errors that we've been seeing at svufiction.com for a few months now seem unrelated to that and no one is quite sure what is going on. A few people have emailed the owner of the site but have not gotten a response.
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