The Rice Trilogy (by Mindy35)

The Rice Trilogy (by Mindy35)

Title: Cheers Darlin’

Rating: M, much adult stuff
Pairings: Elliot/Olivia, Olivia/Other, Elliot/Others
Summary: An AU in which Olivia is the one in a long-term relationship. Elliot struggles with his feelings for his partner when she and her significant other decide to marry.
A/N: Based on Damien Rice’s songs “Cheers Darlin’” and “Prague”, from his first album “o”.

Title: 9 Crimes

Rating: M, further adult stuff
Pairings: Elliot/Olivia, Olivia/Other, Elliot/Other.
Summary: Their crimes are numerous, too numerous to count. But nine in particular stand out. Sequel to “Cheers Darlin’”.
A/N: Inspired by Damien Rice’s songs “9 Crimes” and “Accidental Babies” from his second album “9″.

Title: My Favorite Faded Fantasy

Rating: T/M, adult themes
Pairing(s): Elliot/Olivia, Elliot/Other, Olivia/Other
Summary: They both have a fantasy about what it all could be with the other. The sequel to “Cheers Darlin’” and “9 Crimes”.
A/N: All lyrics used in this story are from Damien Rice’s third album “My Favourite Faded Fantasy.”


Two E/O Multi-Chapter Fics:

Title: Collateral Damage

Rating: initially K+, ultimately M, sexual situations

Disclaimer: Characters are property of Dick Wolf, NBC et al.

Spoilers: Pretty much everything’s up for grabs

Pairing(s): Elliot/Olivia, incidental Olivia/Brian and Elliot/Kathy

Summary: Olivia stumbles across Elliot whose abrupt disappearance is finally explained. Set season 16 (no particular ep though) with pre-series and early series flashbacks. Also includes post-eps for “Wrath”, “Swing”, “Hammered”, “Rescue”, “Pursuit” and “Internal Affairs”.

Title: Incurable

Rating: T (parts 1 & 2) / M (part 3), sexual situations/concepts and strong language

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Dick Wolf, NBC et al. Lyrics are by Sleeping At Last from their very EO song “Resolve”.

Spoilers: None – set in one of the later seasons, pick your fave and go with it.

Pairing: Elliot/Olivia all the way

Summary: Elliot and Olivia’s joint abduction and subsequent therapy forces them to confront the truth of their relationship.


Two E/O fics:

Title: His Sister, His Spouse
Rating: T, adult themes
Disclaimer: Not mine, you know whose.
Spoilers: draws on “Ripped”, “Philadelphia”, “Sin”, “Annihilated”, Paternity” and “Swing”.
Pairings: Elliot/Olivia, Elliot/Kathy.
Summary: Post-ep for “Annihilated”. Elliot talks through the events of “Annihilated” and thinks through the events of “Paternity”.

Title: Through the Looking Glass
Rating: K+, just URST
Disclaimer: Not mine, no monies.
Spoilers: thru to “Bombshell”.
Pairing(s): Elliot/Olivia, Elliot/Kathy (boo).
Summary: Missing scenes from “Bombshell”. Elliot and Olivia discuss fashion and fidelity.

Three Linked Post-eps:

Title: Heroic Measures
Rating: T, adult themes
Disclaimer: I own them not
Spoilers: “Inconceivable”, “Savior”.
Pairing: Elliot/Olivia.
Summary: Post-ep for “Savior”. Elliot goes to extraordinary lengths to console Olivia in her baby-woe.

Title: Hearts Divided
Rating: T, some adult stuff.
Disclaimer: Dick and NBC own ‘em, not me.
Spoilers: thru to “Rescue”.
Pairing: Elliot/Olivia, implied Elliot/Kathy.
Summary: Post-ep for “Rescue”, picks up immediately after the episode. In the aftermath of Calvin’s removal, Elliot (re)offers a solution to Olivia’s childlessness. Also a continuation of “Heroic Measures”.

Title: High Stakes
Rating: K+, adult themes
Disclaimer: Not mine, no moolah made.
Spoilers: thru to “Scorched Earth”.
Pairing: Elliot/Olivia.
Summary: Post-eps for “Bang” and “Scorched Earth”. A case causes Olivia to reconsider Elliot’s offer. A continuation of “Heroic Measures” (post-ep for “Savior”) and “Hearts Divided” (post-ep for “Rescue”).

"A Soft Place to Land" (Oneshot)

Title: A Soft Place to Land
Rating: K, all welcome
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money made.
Spoilers: thru to the start of s13.
Pairing(s): Elliot/Olivia, Elliot/Kathy.
Summary: Shortly after Elliot puts in his papers, his partner receives a visit from his wife.
A/N: Set sometime after Elliot’s departure – don’t ask me when, it’ll ruin my lovely little fantasy.

Two more:

Title: Magnificent
Rating: K, nothing naughty
Disclaimer: They ain’t mine, they’re Dick’s.
Spoilers: Basics, through to start of s13.
Pairing(s): Elliot/Olivia, Olivia/Nick-ish.
Summary: Olivia’s old partner checks up on her new partner.

Title: Opportunity Lost
Rating: T, sexual themes.
Disclaimer: Not mine, you know whose.
Spoilers: “Closure (pt. 1)”, “Undercover”, “Closet”.
Pairings: Elliot/Olivia, Benson/Cassidy.
Summary: Set shortly after “Undercover”. Elliot knows what Olivia needs. But can he give it to her?