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Welcome to the Elliot/Olivia shippers community. That pretty much says it all. If you're into Elliot and Olivia shacking up, making babies, making out, having random sexy times... we want you here.

We ask that you please do not alter the font of the text on the main page (that is ABOVE you lj cut, beneath the cut, go nuts!) any further than making it: bold, italic, crossed out,
or underlined. Those not adhering to these rules will be warned and posts made by repeat offenders will be deleted without notice.

Remember, this means that you may not alter the color either.

Please be courteous and use appropriate language. This is an open community, meaning it can be viewed by anyone.

Fic MUST be posted in the following format from now on, PLEASE! Some fics are being posted without adequate summary or warnings as to spoilers or graphic material.

The rating levels are as follows:
General: (G)
YTeen: (PG)
Teen (PG-13)
Mature: (R)
Adult: (NC-17)

AND ALL FIC MUST GO UNDER AN LJ CUT!!! Don't know how? Learn HERE!

Anything longer than 300 words must be put beneath an lj-cut.

All graphics that are not previews and of appropriate size (no larger than 250X250 pixels in width) must go under an lj-cut.

Any graphics or text containing spoilers must go beneath an lj-cut.

You may post video previews on the main page as long as they are of YouTube size and are preceded by a description.

Feel free to crosspost to other communities, but please link to and from that community when you post your fic.

Spoilers are to always go under a cut. The spoilers MAY NOT be titled by episode name, only by episode number, such as 8.19. If you post spoilers above a cut or allude to specific events that may or may not happen in upcoming episodes BEFORE a cut, the post will be deleted and the moderators will review whether to suspend posting privileges.

That said, we do condone spoilers and spoiler sharing, we just want to be courteous to those members who choose to remain unspoiled.

Note that spoilers are friends only! If you want to read the spoilers, you have to join the community. We here at eoshippers would really appreciate that you didn't go spreading the spoilers outside the community.

Want to be our affiliate? Want us to be YOUR affiliate? Just drop a line to this post or to bnlxphile12@aol.com and we can set something up.

You may either embed ONE video per post, or link to it. Linking would be preferable!

HOWEVER! In the case of torrents or full episodes of anything, please... DO NOT DIRECT LINK TO THE LOCATION OF THE FILE. These sites can be traced back to livejournal and we don't want to get shut down by the po po.

A how to on general tagging on livejournal can be found here.


We'd love to hear em. If you can't reach one of the mods through lj, feel free to drop us all a line at eomods@gmail.com.

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Credit for the Olivia/Elliot mood theme goes to crackified

The lovely banner is courtesy of our very own chureezee

Other graphics by our own lexiloumarie

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